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Create report templates to simplify and save time

When you've designed an experiment, it'll save time to design and save a report template for that experiment. Report templates enable you to customize and save the specifications for a report for quick access in the future, so you can avoid the lengthy process of generating the same detailed report over and over. You can save preferences like date range, any variation of channels or aggregate data, and whether you'd like to view page impressions or ad unit impressions. To create a report template, simply follow these instructions.

After you've saved a report template, you can access it with one click from your Overview page, by using the drop-down list on your Advanced Reports page, or by having it automatically emailed to you when you use emailable reports.

Setting up a schedule to have any report template emailed directly to you takes just a minute. On the Report Manager tab of your account, just select the report you want emailed to you, the frequency you'd like it sent, and file type you prefer. Alternatively, you can follow our detailed instructions.


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